The “School of Tomorrow” promises a joyful and rigorous learning experience to help build the academic and life skills, knowledge, motivations and personal qualities for its students and community members to become change-makers for a better world. Additionally, our school skills are key guiding elements in our everyday teaching and learning at the school. In order to achieve equality and excellence in education we should create a system without selecting, tracking, or streaming students. Methods our American program is helping the students to develop free, morally responsible and integrated individual with the high degree of social competence.


The “School of tomorrow” Skills are defined behaviors that provide a structured guide for individual skills development. We use them as the backbone for all that we teach and learn--they are interdisciplinary, transferable and timeless. Our educational methods and practices help our students to put their knowledge into action. Our program and its individualistic approaches creates an atmosphere where students have opportunity to easily manage their daily workload and adjust processes to meet their goals, however, our main goal is also to help our pupils build trust and empower others to meet their goals as well.


An American program of the School of Tomorrow aims to identify and develop intellectual abilities of children. Designed and approved specially for the school, English textbooks are a premise for successful accomplishment of the school’s goals. These textbooks – PACEs reduce teacher’s role in the educational process and increase students’ creativity.


We try to prepare our students to be receptive and adaptive to change. To deal positively to unpredictable circumstances or setbacks. By giving our students freedom to choose their own goals and schedule in our American program we try to help them to be more innovative, to apply logic and innovation, identify problems, to set goals, keep focus, develop and implement process – Plan, prioritize and manage time and logistics.