School History

The School of Tomorrow was established in 1992 as a non-governmental organization (NGO) and charity, becoming the first private school in Georgia after the country gained independence. The school has been in operation continuously since then. In 1999, the school was restructured into a limited liability company (LTD).

The School of Tomorrow provides the Georgian curriculum, as well as an American-based program that has recently received accreditation from Accreditation International, a US-based organization.

In 2021, the school's English program was reevaluated by "Accreditation International", extending its international accreditation status for the next five years. In the same year, the School of Tomorrow became an accredited member of the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, a leading global organization in accreditation and continuous school improvement.

On December 21, 2023, representatives from the European Office of the ACE (CEE) inspected the School of Tomorrow Tbilisi and granted it Quality Status. This is a significant achievement for the entire school community as it demonstrates the school's commitment to maintaining high academic standards, following the Procedures Manual, and promoting strong academic achievement among its students.

The Georgian curriculum was first authorized by the Ministry of Education and Science in 2011, on its way to full accreditation, and then authorized again in September 2016. The school's English program graduates benefit from learning all subjects in English and leave with a proficiency in the language that is unmatched by other Georgian schools.

The School of Tomorrow's American program is based on Dr. R. Howard's curriculum, which aims to identify and develop children's intellectual abilities. By 1974, more than 500 schools across the US had implemented the program. The first international school using the A.C.E. curriculum opened in 1974 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Over the years, separate warehouses opened in Australia, the Philippines, Africa, Russia, the United Kingdom, and some European Union (EU) countries such as Spain and Austria. Today, A.C.E. serves more than 6,000 schools and countless homeschool families worldwide.

The School of Tomorrow has produced graduates since 1999, who continue to study and work successfully in Georgia, the United States, Canada, and various European universities.

School History